Mar - 31 - 2014

A day in Saigon

  One random day, we just decided to drop by Vietnam, Saigon over the weekend. Apparently they have the best Yogurt and local coffee. Ok, Coffee i’ve heard before and seen many friends returned with the Mini Coffee Machine but yogurt ?!?   First impression is like  SEREMBAN, negeri sembilan but alot more spaces and alot more buildings. Is like Bangkok 10-15 years ago, only cleaner. and seriously if you’re […]


Pulau Tenggol, a remote island (still pretty remote) off Dungun, Terengganu is pretty much where i started my Love for diving together with Saint & Kyspeaks. This is where i took my first plunge into the blue abyss and with a blink of an eye, 9 years passed. Tenggol is not popular among non divers is due to the limited activities at all these resorts (aproximately 3-4) You either dive […]


Pulau Weh, Bandar Aceh

Pulau Weh, the very tip of Indonesia where Km Zero starts. Which means this is where they actually started counting how big is Indonesia. Kilometer Zero I was invited by Jimmy as spot filler cuz his friends could not make it last minute (turns out they changed their mind and was able to join us afterall) since i’ve not been to Pulau Weh and is the first ever 2013 dives, […]

Mar - 5 - 2013

Mr & Mrs Davies

I was looking tru my post and found a draft, thinking is one of my abandoned posting on dives/gears/etc, it turns out to be my cover on Shaolintiger & Kimberlycun’s wedding !! OMG !I PHAIL MAX   Anyway, here it is. Cheers guys     Status:  Married <3 Gareth & Kimberly = Mr & Mrs Davies. One of the most anticipated wedding, after ST proposed to Kim during our Koh […]


Sea&Sea YS-D1

 VS  Having used a few different strobes in my years of diving such as Ys-02 (my first) & Ys-01 (Ky’s), the most compact and versatile strobe that professional recommend would normally be Inon Z240 due to power and reliability. Until recently Sea&Sea decided to launch YS-D1 which is successor of another acclaimed power house,  YS-110a (pic below) This beauty was once hailed as direct competitor to Z240 but the sheer size makes divers tend […]

Mar - 1 - 2013

  Stumbled upon this site on Stipple where they make all your media, come to live. Not in any 3D manner but by “Mouse Over” effect. Can link to url, youtube, shows an album via all popular social media i.e Twitter, instagram, facebook, stumble, pinterest, bla bla bla the list goes on.

Oct - 1 - 2012

Pulau Rawa 2012

Small island off Mersing, same Jetty to Tioman or Pulau Aur/Dayang is relatively unknown to public except for those that really love desolated island getaway. If fuzzy handphone signal, zero Internet and nothing but powdery sand and breathtaking beach is what you’re looking for, Pulau Rawa is without a doubt your destination. Driving to Mersing Jetty from Kuala Lumpur a mere 4 hours (120/130kmh) ride. Because is a private Island […]

Aug - 9 - 2012

I would say this trip took almost 8 years in the making. From my first dive trip in Tenggol back in 2004, I’ve been invited to numerous International Dive trips but every single time I would have hurdles or obstacles. Finally, my inaugural International Dive to the beautiful Anilao, Phillipines The first thing you noticed upon landing is the country’s driving law. Is on the wrong side and crossing streets became […]

May - 28 - 2012

Test Review of OMD M5

Finally the M5 arrived (Silver was delayed) and gotten the freebies which consist of some Keychain? and a very useful 4/3 lense converter. Here’s some test shots over at one event i was invited. 20 Guys just talking about anything and everything. We had fun as we were taught how to appreciate Glenmorangie instead of Finishing it in 4 mins. Some creative effects you can do with it. Our Photographer […]

Mar - 21 - 2012

Happy Birthday To Myself

My Birthday, Happy Birthday to myself !! i am half way there now !!

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