May - 28 - 2012

Test Review of OMD M5

Finally the M5 arrived (Silver was delayed) and gotten the freebies which consist of some Keychain? and a very useful 4/3 lense converter.

Here’s some test shots over at one event i was invited. 20 Guys just talking about anything and everything. We had fun as we were taught how to appreciate Glenmorangie instead of Finishing it in 4 mins.

Some creative effects you can do with it.

Our Photographer of the Night :) owns

Some of the organisers and events friends

Billy, winner of the Best Dressed in Malaysia, some events i forgotten the name :P btw, he’s FRENCH but can speak chinese and girls!! i have his number :)

US doing what we do best, talk !!!

Will and Douglas entertaining us with endless songs remix and jokes !!

Thanks to those that made it possible, those that invited me and is good to be in a Socialite event. A breathe of fresh air:)

All pictures were taken without flash, as evidently is super sharp even if your hand shakes like a parkinson victim. However having a Micro 4/3 is also very highly dependent on Lenses. Better lenses produces better Quality. Hence if you’re to purchase this OMD M5, their standard lenses is not bad but if you have deeper pockets or a fanatic/purist i suggest you try on Leica lenses :)





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2 Responses so far.

  1. KY says:

    damn hensem camera.

  2. Skyburial says:

    Very Hipster !!! lovin it !! especially when we are pooling our gears again !! lol….u wanna test my WA ?

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