Aug - 9 - 2012

I would say this trip took almost 8 years in the making. From my first dive trip in Tenggol back in 2004, I’ve been invited to numerous International Dive trips but every single time I would have hurdles or obstacles. Finally, my inaugural International Dive to the beautiful Anilao, Phillipines

The first thing you noticed upon landing is the country’s driving law. Is on the wrong side and crossing streets became an extreme sports. As a Commonwealth country, Malaysia drivers although deemed notorious by many, drives on the left side of the road thus naturally crossing streets, we tend to look right first. Here in Manila, looking that direction can get you killed.

Manila or Phillipines in general is a very poor country. Like in India, the rich is filthy leaving the poor dirt. These English speaking folks are nonetheless friendly though.

Enough about Manila or the people as this isn’t UNICEF trip. Is my first International waters !!. We stayed in Balai Resort, Anilao and is about 2 hours from Manila (like driving to Dungun from KL). Water is clear as the blue skies it’s reflecting, Calm and ready.

Each day as the Sun descend, we are rewarded with a majestic sample of God’s talent in painting. Every Sunset is a gentle reminder we are on a holiday and we should enjoy every single day as thou is our last, and so we did.

What’s holiday without good companionship, fortunately this trip we had 18 Finest. Mixture of mild nuts to chronic insanity, all here with me in Anilao.

Throughout the entire trip, after diving (during surface interval) is an opportunity to get a Tan. Edvin, Angel and Colin totally took Sun Tanning to a new Level with arrays of position and duration.  Probably in their past lives, they were cave dwellers with no access to the sun.

Like all fun things, we just need to add alcohol. Wait 15 mins for our inner child to wake. Then the rest of the evening is all in dreamy state with multiple memory editing.

What’s a holiday without trying  indigenous cuisine which in Manila is BALUT.


balut is a fertilizedduckembryo that is boiled and eaten in the shell. Popularly believed to be an aphrodisiac and considered a high-protein, hearty snack, balut are mostly sold by street vendors. It is commonly sold as streetfood in the Philippines.

I’ve no problem trying new things, liking it is another story but surprisingly Balut, is fantastic beer snack. To me the Soup (inside the shell) is tasty, the embryo is crunchy, slight soft bones, no feathers and taste like Chicken. I had Two, and Colin cried fowl.

The aftermath of what Tanduay can do to you, we had Colin & Derek suddenly in High pitched Mandarin singing “anilao” national anthem “Boom Cha cha, Boom Cha cha”, We have Elle and Angel doing Dangut, speaking in Angel’s Version of INDON. We have a Pole Dancer, courtesy of Jacz.

In a nutshell how was Anilao? Every country will have something to good to offer, within that offers, you can find unpolished diamonds scattered. It is up to you, as a tourist to pick up that rock and decide if you wanted a Diamond or a rock. Anilao to me was truly fascinating, it doesn’t have much to offer on land, but underneath the lucid calm sea, that’s when the surrealism of Underwater splendor begins… HD

This would be in Part 2….if i have the effing time to write  :P

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  1. KY says:

    can’t wait to see more UW pics!

    “colin cried fowl” – LOL

  2. Required says:

    Bom cha cha…

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