Pulau Weh, Bandar Aceh

Pulau Weh, the very tip of Indonesia where Km Zero starts. Which means this is where they actually started counting how big is Indonesia. Kilometer Zero


I was invited by Jimmy as spot filler cuz his friends could not make it last minute (turns out they changed their mind and was able to join us afterall) since i’ve not been to Pulau Weh and is the first ever 2013 dives, i agreed.


But diving at new place without an underwater camera is pitiful as you can’t capture anything you see to show. Especially to Sebastian where i’ve promised at every dive trips i go, i will take pictures to show him. Tightening my belt( gonna eat porridge for next 5 years) i invested in a casing for my OMD M5, a new  Sea&Sea Ys-D1 Strobes, some macro wet lenses and some additional peripherals to ensure this trip, would not repeat my last underwater catastrophy in Anilao. (wrong casing for camera and everything just wouldn’t work) All these is possible because the good people of Scubasymphony provided (they rushed order for my set) with everything (thanks Ms.Lai, Khoo and Ms Tan)

note 2 pcis


So how should i begin to explain Bandar Aceh? This remote town situated at the further north of Indonesia is Ground Zero for the Infamous 2004 Tsunami which took 136 thousand souls and left hundred thousand more injured, displaced and homeless. Tankers, fishing boats and all shore resorts, houses, etc hurled in every direction. Worse disaster to hit South East Asia and it has been 9 years yet Bandar Aceh never fully recovered and people are still panicking at the slightest tremor or wailing Tsunami sirens. Enough about Tsunami, you can read about it by googling.

2013-03-11 06.14.38

Pulau Weh, from Bandar Aceh, a twist turny journey to our Dive Resort Lumba Lumba (seems like 2 years old toddler drew the road). The narrow roads and vertical hills remind you of Genting Highland 20 years ago.  Arrived, unpacked and just chill for the first day (we arrived around 4pm) while we wait for dinner and some briefing. Greeted by Rose and gave us a small tour of the resort. It is like Koh Lipe, operated fully by part time instructors, mostly Foreigners

Diving day

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Pulau Weh diving is almost similar to Tioman or Tenggol only much much better. Like Anilao is Macro Haven, Weh is Wide Angle paradise. Huge Sea Fans, lively landscapes with abundance of fishes. Abit like looking down at Tokyo busy street during lunch hour. Vibrantly Colorful, and visibility is Crystal Clear.(think astro Beyond with 60″ LED TV)

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The Macro Lovers won’t be losing out as Pulau Weh offers good macro photography as well, Dive Masters at Lumba Lumba are great micro hunters, locating the smallest, tiniest creatures for your kodak moment.

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Whatever your interest as a diver may be, Pulau Weh is definitively a good site to visit, fortunately is not gonna cost you and arm or leg as compared to Raja Empat, Komodo or Maldives kinda price but  surprisingly similar to a few local dive sites such as Tenggol or Tioman.

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Food wise, is an Islam Town so naturally all food is Halal just that the people in Bandar Aceh or Pulau Weh, cook at the speed of snail.  Order your lunch at 6 am and yet they still can screw it up. Win some, lose some….

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Will surely be returning as Pulau Weh has so much to offer. Next time is gonna be a 5 days dive trip instead of 2 days back to back.

pulau weh dive sites





Just a foot note, We fully support Project Aware Cites. Extinction is not an Option. Say no to Sharks/rays Killing

*Thanks Joel for posing for the camera :)


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    Dear all.
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    Demikian email ini kami buat, atas perhatian serta kerjasamanya kami ucapkan terima kasih.

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